Media training and guidance is one of Daniel’s core skills as a camera operator and interviewer.

Knowing what to ask and how to interview an ordinary citizen, company employee or government representative is a skill that takes time to hone.

Daniel conducts interviews regularly. He has a genuine and friendly approach to his interview style, but can also ask the tough questions when needed.

He is able to give guidance and re-assurance to the “talent” so they look good, sound good, and also deliver the right message when the tape is rolling.

The skill of presenting on camera whether it’s interview style, or front on, is not always an easy task. It’s well known that many people fear speaking or presenting on camera and would rather be six feet under than perform on cue.

With over a decade of experience in the news media, Daniel has worked with some of Australia’s leading news reporters.

There is a demand for “Basic” media training and on camera practice in a “real” recording environment.

Whether you have a CEO that needs “some practice” on camera, or management that need assistance and confidence training to hone their presentation skills, affordable, private and confidential “camera practice” is a service that Daniel offers.

Should you require more specialised training to handle a major media crisis, Daniel works with and recommends a Sydney based company that can cater for your specialised needs.

Confidentiality is paramount for the person and/or organisation being filmed. All content recorded is either destroyed after playback on site or if DVD production is requested, content is hand delivered with all original tapes and disks. No copy of the recordings are stored after delivery and sign-off.

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